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People have long said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words do you think an animated video is worth? A short animated video which lasts a couple of minutes can offer a large amount of information within a short amount of time. By using animation, you can also relate to the child is us all that remember watching animated videos when we were younger. Animation catches the attention of all ages and is an excellent way to present your company products or services. Computer aided technology and software allows the animation process to be a lot easier. You can create a high-quality animated video or illustration within a reasonably quick amount of time.

PowerPoint Designers Co. Ltd. is a graphic design company that embraces all mediums and technologies. As computers have increased the capability of animation over the last ten years, illustrations and animation have become increasingly used in all markets. Being a company that thrives on the latest technologies, we offer a range of animation services to our clients that are an excellent way of gaining interest from potential customers.

Animated explainer videos are usually a short video introducing products or a company with the video being animated. Animated videos are an attention grabbing form of media which when done well is a great way to advertise your products or services.

We do all of our creative work in our studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where our highly creative and experienced team work on their assignments. With the advent of the digital age, not only are computers and software so much better, but we can be located anywhere and still deliver a high-quality service to our clients, at extremely competitive rates. Animation can be an expensive process which is very time-consuming, so being based in Asia allows us to tap a massive creative pool of designers, whilst keeping our prices low. For more information about our illustration and animation services or any of our other graphic design services that we offer, contact us today and let our enthusiasm for your business show.

PowerPoint Designers are great to work with, flexible, creative and always responsive to my (demanding) needs, They are my first thought when it comes to design support.

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The overnight design service is a real differentiator and competitive advantage.

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